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Cairns Adventure Tours Reviews

Cairns Adventure Tours Reviews

Cairns Adventure Tours Reviews featured on have been prepared and submitted by local travel consultants who have actually done these tours first hand. It is their job to ensure their guests receive excellent experiences as well as customer service during their visit to Cairns and Tropical North Queensland. Check out some reviews and be sure to ask our local team any questions you have about “Your Trip to Our Backyard”.

Cairns Adventure Tours Reviews – By Product

A.J.Hackett – Minjin Jungle Swing
Once we were at the top of the canopy, he pressed a button and we started moving backwards getting higher and higher off the ground. We finally stop moving, we had reached the top of the canopy but we had to look down as we needed to see if the lights were green or red lights, as when it’s green, we had to pull the string. When we pulled the string, we dropped then started swinging. I swear we… Read more>>

Foaming Fury – Russell River – Rafting
A relatively good level of fitness is required for the 45 minute rainforest walk to the top of the river. We were also required to carry the gear in packs, including our rafts and safety equipment. Once we arrived we went for a short swim and blew up our rafts. we had our second and comprehensive safety brief and given some time to get used to our rafts. The rafts were fun andRead more>>

Tandem Cairns Skydiving
The 60 second free fall was amazing and once the parachute was out I could really enjoy the views, it felt really weird not being able to touch the ground. We floated down through some cloudsRead more>>

Hot Air Balloon Experience

My friend Rita and I met the Hot Air Balloon Experience bus at 4:35am at the Tjapukai car park. I was positively surprised by the comfortable, plush coaster bus that took us up the Kuranda range and…Read More>>

Barron River – Half Day Rafting
We were picked up for our Barron River- Half Day Rafting Trip at around 2pm. The driver was courteous and on time. They had a couple more pickup’s to do then we made our way to Lake Placid where we started..Read more>>

Tandem Skydiving with Skydive Cairns
I went to try to Skydiving. It’s the first jump in my life. I went to the Skydive Cairns office early in the morning and put on a jump suit. (It’s included in the charge.) And I took a short lecture on how to do skydiving from my tandem instructor. His lecture is very brief and clear… Read more>>

Blazing Saddles – ATV (All Terrain Vehicles)
At 11:00am we made our way to the Blazing Saddles property at Yorkeys Knob. Having previously experienced the ATV adventure at Blazing Saddles’ previous properties in Kuranda and Palm Cove, I thought it was time to go check out their new property.We were greeted by our guide Sam who was friendly and easy going. Once everybody arrived we got kitted out with our…Read more>>

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